Fragile X friendly non-UM Providers

Care providers are available at UM for all of the critical clinical needs of patients with Fragile X Syndrome and associated disorders.  Continued involvement of other non-UM providers for some patients may occur with non-UM providers

For those who have insurance outside of the UM system, this will allow them to get good care from providers within their system if they wish. 

For patients who do not wish to or do not have the means to come to Ann Arbor regularly, this will allow for more local provision of care from other providers.

These "Fragile X Friendly providers" within the context of the UM FXCRC to remain involved in many aspects of the clinics goals. 

Pediatric Genetics
Vinod Misra, M.D., PhD, Detroit Medical Center (313-832-9330)
David Stockton, M.D., Children’s Hospital of Michigan (313-832-9330)

Pediatric Neurology
Eileen McCormick, D.O., Beaumont Hospitals (248-551-7370)
Susan Smietana, D.O., MIND Institute (248-553-0010)

Pediatric Development/Behavior 
Cheryl Hack, M.D., Royal Oak, MI (248-435-9240)

Pediatric Psychiatry
Kristyn Gregory, D.O., Washington, MI (586-203-2020)

Pediatric Speech Pathology
Nancy Kaufman, M.A. CCC-SLP, Kaufman Children's Center (248-737-3430) Shelly Milstein, M.A., CCC SLP, MA LLP, Milstein Pediatric Speech & Language Services Inc. (248-788-0880)

Pediatric Cardiology
Thor Thorsson, M.D., UMHS and Marquette, MI (906-225-7565)                         Hani Zreik, M.D., Saginaw, MI (989-752-8669)